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15 October 2011 @ 10:40 pm
No Curtain Call - A Peter Vincent Fanmix  
NO CURTAIN CALL - a peter vincent fanmix (fright night 2011)

This mix is very different from other mixes in that it doesn't stick with the satirical, campy, teen-movie mood of the actual movie. This mix is made with the assumption that we can look at Vincent's character in a deeper, more realistic way. It focuses briefly on the horrific homicide that started his entire story, purposefully skipping over Vincent's presumable mourning period (taking place sometime during his early childhood/early adolescence, I suppose) as most of Vincent's M.O. is to claim it never happened. We then move on to the grungier side of Vincent's early career in Vegas and numbing his problems with sex and alcohol; this, of course, is coupled with a few choice indie tracks to show the underlying torment of his everyday life. Finally, we reach his encounter with Charley and how Vincent deals with this, consequently finishing off the mix with a slightly more hopeful, yet nonetheless I.C. tracks. 


"Alright, kid. I'll cut you a deal, seeing as your parents were so tasty, and you probably wouldn't be worth the struggle anyway. So here it is; run. You go out the back door and you run as fast as you possibly can and you never, ever look back, so help you, God."


please tell me you'll fight this fight,
 i can't see without your light.
i need you to breathe into my life.
don't tell me this is goodbye,
i won't breathe, it's not yet time
each breath breathed is keeping hope alive
so keep breathing -- go on breathing.

With her dying thoughts, Peter's mother wishes only for her son's safety; a song about a mother's wish. Often this aspect of Vincent's life is overlooked, but there is little tragedy as horrible as a child losing his mother, and vice versa.



We fade back into reality. Decades have passed since Vincent decided to honor Jerry's oath. Now, he turns his eye west again in hopes of possibly returning. He has never forgotten his parents' brutal murder, yet decides that denying it makes the pain easier. He has only just begun his collection of vampire-related weapons. 


spare me your judgements and spare me your dreams,
'cause recently mine have been tearing my seams,
i sit alone in this winter clarity which clouds my mind,
alone in the wind and the rain you left me,
it's getting dark, darling...too dark to see
and i'm on my knees and your faith, in shreds, it seems,
corrupted by the simple sniff of riches blown

Now a grown man, Peter is still haunted by the memories of his childhood, but he is not about to be pampered or pitied. He is alone in his experiences and his grief, and inside he is a torn man.


losing sensation for you, my love, i fear
losing the reasons to breathe, i never lived
no more kill, no more kill, i'm in love

Vincent sets out for Vegas. He knows he is not brave enough to face Jerry, so he decides to mock the oath he kept by turning the terror into a spectacular joke of a show.


why don't we do it in the road?
no one will be watching us, 
why don't we do it in the road?

Gaining experience and a social circle, Vincent is slowly becoming a Las Vegas household name. Having located his right-hand woman, Ginger, he seems very close to having the moon on a string.


damn, i love the jet, the jag, and the mansion
...and i'd enjoy some fine champagne while my girls toast
oh, yeah, it's good to live expensive, you know it...
but my knees get weak intensive
when you give me kisses? that's money, honey.
when i'm your lover and your mistress? that's money, honey.

Vincent is now filthy rich, and him and Ginger are living the good life. It doesn't help that he gets a good lay pretty much every night, either... The memories of his past are ridiculously easy to block out when you have all the money you could ever hope for...


tremble for yourself, my man,
you know that you have seen this all before. 
tremble, little lion man, 
you'll never settle any of your scores.
your grace is wasted in your face,
your boldness stands alone among the wreck.
now learn from your mother,
or else spend your days biting your own neck.

Ah, but the memories aren't so very hard to block out when one is plagued by cowardice and guilt. For that is what Vincent is, a cowardly man. He prides himself on his ability to  be so with ease, for the alternative is admitting he abandoned his parents' bodies and memories for his own safety. He thinks he is a strong man for forgetting all the terrible things that happened to him and how he overcame them, but he will never be free of them until he can beat them...


you say you need someone? well, everybody does.
i'm no different than you, i just believe what i do.
i have no time for fear, or people in my ear,
head down and running so fast, trying not to dwell on the past.
i'm fighting through this pain and things i cannot change
running right into the flame, rather than running away...

take this enemy together, fight these demons off forever,
forever, forever, forever....

These are just a few lines of a song that I think entirely fits, not only Peter, but also Charley and the banter between them. Peter is not in the mood to be reminded of the memories he fights every day to forget, but Charley is going to nearly force him to. This is not one of Vincent's performances; there will be no curtain call.


i want my innocence back, 
and if you can't pacify me, i'll break your bones.
you think i'm bluffing? just try me. 
i will never forget the words you used to ensnare me, 
'til my dying day, I will make you suffer for this, i swear.

In the heart of preparing for the counterattack against Jerry, Peter begins to remember the vengeful feelings of his past. All grief at his parents death has been turned into anger; and as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.



Peter prepares and goes out for the final confrontation. Revenge is at hand.


any time you feel the pain, hey jude, refrain
don't carry the world upon your shoulders
and you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
by making his world a little colder
...take a sad song and make it better,
then you can start to make it better

Jerry dead, his parents avenged, I believe that Peter saw a bit of himself in Charley, a sort of alternate version of him, and it reminds him that life doesn't always have to be about dealing with your grief and letting it all hang on your shoulders. Occasionally, you just have to be happy.


a kind of aggression with himself, 
it's the way he'll always be
he loves to rebel, to go against his ten commandments,
for him, that's just being free.

and he always will get his thrills
the only way he knows how,
well, it might make you frown

but he loves being knocked down
running where he cares to go,
a state of mind of which no one knows

I truly believe that in the end, Peter overcame his grief and vengeance and made his peace. However, I think after years of living with a rebellious and "fuck it all" kind of attitude, that will never truly leave him.


One equal temper of heroic hearts: sanctuary • (vampire)katernater on October 16th, 2011 10:40 am (UTC)
This is brilliant. Definitely donwloading. Thank you so much!
a girl with far away eyes: driving glovesvodkaplaid on October 17th, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC)
Brilliant! Peter is a character with so much potential...I like your theories about him. I'm downloading this mix and putting it on 'repeat' for a few hours :)
oh hai mark!: [heroes] mohinder: realangary on October 19th, 2011 04:47 am (UTC)
Downloading this now! Thank you for sharing it :)
pherber_mpherber_m on October 20th, 2011 11:58 pm (UTC)
interesting mix - thanks for sharing!